Short Term Rehab in Naperville

What options are there for people living in Naperville who require a short or long term rehabilitation stay after a hospital visit? Because Naperville has many choices for rehabilitation, it is likely that you can find the right fit. Finding that one best fit becomes a matter of determining the quality of the different facilities through reputation and research, understanding the special needs of the patient, and assessing the cost for the amount of time the individual will be staying. Planning based on these criteria will yield a short list, or, hopefully, a single perfect choice.

Quality of Care

Facilities that specialize in rehabilitation differ, not so much due to quality of care, but because they are either dedicated to short term rehab stays or they are more geared toward longer-term nursing home care. For some seniors the latter is important; however, when a short term stay is all that is needed, it may be desirable to find a location that caters to that need. Quality can be determined by searching the many sites that offer evaluations of senior services and see what grade different facilities have received.

Services Offered

The quality of sites may help to narrow the field somewhat, but type of rehabilitation offered may be even more important. One important consideration may be the consistency of care across many different facilities (so that the resident can be closer to home). If this is the case there are rehabilitation facilities at a number of locations within the city limits of Naperville. Larger facilities may have more levels of care, but not offer the homey feel one can experience at a smaller facility and has a better staff to resident ratio.

Cost of Rehab Facility Stays

The deciding factor may also be how much it costs. Some placements offer a wide range of payment options and others are restricted in what they can accept. For example, some can only accept Medicaid and Medicare, but will not accept all forms of insurance. Payment options vary across the many facilities, so it is important to research for peace of mind.

Rehabilitation after a hospital stay can be a stressful time for the patient and the family due to concerns about transportation, pain management and cost of treatment. Fortunately, information is available to make the complete transition easier. Planning is key to a successful short-term stay in a rehabilitation facility.