Choosing Adult Day Care in Naperville

Adult day care can be a respite for weary family members and a place where a senior adult can go to meet with friends and enjoy planned activities. These facilities offer care options and activities that may be difficult to provide in the home, so during the search it is necessary to ask the right questions in order to determine an appropriate fit. What activities and programs are offered? What levels of medical care are available? Is the program affordable on a fixed budget and what are the financing options?

Activities and Programs

Traditional senior centers were a gathering place for people who shared a need to interact with people their own age and engage in activities they could enjoy together. They were relatively unstructured, but they shared few similarities with today’s adult daycare.

It is correct to assume that adult day care does allow seniors to gather and interact, but many more services are offered today than were imagined previously.  The opportunities can range from outings and planned activities to medical monitoring, special meal assistance and care counseling.  Some programs even include pet therapy, intergenerational activities, and volunteer opportunities. However, if medical care is important, it is important to look closer and determine whether the center meets those needs also.

Level of Medical Care

Health services at adult day care facilities will, of course, vary greatly. Some centers are senior centers that provide a place for daily activities, but offer little in the form of medical care. Others offer some therapy and medical supervision (reminders to take meds and monitoring of personal safety), but do not supply staff for more intense medical needs. However, some day care centers are equipped with the professionals required to render more focused medical treatment and therapy to their clients, even offering memory care, mental health therapy, and, generally, a full range of medical care in a single facility.

Costs of Adult Day Care

A diversity of healthcare services and activities are offered at the various adult daycare centers. Obviously, more care is going to increase the cost, but the determining factor should be the return on investment. Oftentimes, day care programs that are run by religious organizations tend to offer services at no or very low cost. Thy offer limited medical care, but provide spiritual comfort. Other facilities are either for-profit or nonprofit and charge based on whether they receive grants or some other form of government assistance. It is wise to look into cost structures as well as overall cost.

Adult day care in Naperville is available for seniors no matter what their wants and needs. It is affordable, it is local, and it offers a wonderful gathering place for individuals with similar experiences. Ask the right questions and conduct thorough research to ensure the right fit.